Thursday, January 19, 2012

New 365 Photos [Finally]

  I have been sick, am still sick in fact, since last Tuesday.  I have Bronchitis. Something I haven't had since my childhood.  It's been quiet the adventure. 

  It's so funny how when you are sick it feels like this huge dream state and that you won't ever get out of being sick but it will just last and last and last and you might die in that terrible, purgatoryish state between feverish imaginations and foggy, mecidine induced trances.  Yea, that's how I feel in the worst stages of being sick.  Am I the only one?

  Anyway, I've gotten some antibiotics and the last two days have been a little better.  I was able to pick up my camera today and it felt so nice in my hands!!!  I took a picture of several of the things that have been sustaining me these past few days.

December 19, 2012

  Yes my friends, these three items are only a few of the things I found very dear to my heart during these past very long days (and nights).  I am so thankful for medicine and for Gatorade and juice in general. And cough medicine!!!

This photo below is one I mentioned that I was planning in the post last Wednesday.

December 11, 2012

  This verse is one that resounds in my head almost every day.  It helps me to refocus on the Lord no matter what situation I find myself in.  I thank the Lord that He is there to guide us even when everything seems like it's going awry.


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