Monday, December 26, 2011

Makeup & Feeling Good About Yourself

  Yes, I know, you're probably looking at the title of this post, scratching your head and wondering, "how on earth does this have ANYTHING to do with photography?"!  I guess really it doesn't but then again it does so I'll show both my reasons!

  So, back in September a friend and myself went to Crabtree Valley Mall to do a little shopping and went into a store called Bare Escentuals.  I had never really heard of this store but my friend said that her mom used the makeup and that you could get a free "makeover" if you went in so I was very game!  It's free, so why not?!

  I got in there and was Impressed!  The saleslady did one half of our face and then instructed us on how to do the other.  It was super easy and what I liked best about the makeup was that 1) it didn't feel heavy on my skin like other (liquid based) makeups did, 2) it totally reduced the redness in my skin and 3) it didn't make me look like a corpse and didn't crease in my wrinkles (I'm only 26 but I do have a few). 

  I looked at the price tag for the initial setup and I didn't have the funds to get it but Christmas was around the corner so I added it to my Christmas list =).

  My mom got it for me and I put it on tonight to go out with my best friend and cousin.  Let me tell you.  I haven't had a good day. My sinus/allergies have been bothering me so I've lounged in my PJ's ALL day.  Really haven't done ANYTHING except surf the net, sleep, clean a little and play with my bunny.

  When I put the makeup on, I felt SO MUCH BETTER.  Like I was a different person, literally.  I felt confident, pretty and ready to go somewhere!  That's what makeup can do for you.

  No, how does this post have ANYTHING to do with photography?  Here's my application.  In order to feel good with clients, feel proud of your products/services and feel comfortable behind a camera you need one invaluable thing.  CONFIDENCE!!!  Looking your best, whether you're at a session, meeting up with a client for the first time, or selling your product is essential to being the best business person you can be.  If you're not looking your best, I can guarentee you that you're not feeling your best and if you're not feeling your best, more than likely you're going to lack confidence (I speak from experience here). 

  So, that, for me is how makeup relates to photography. 

  The next time you're not feeling in a great mood and you have a session to go to, go put on some makeup!  I guarentee you it'll pump you up in no time flat!!!

  Give me feedback.  Do you have any experiences you'd like to share when makeup helped you reclaim your confidence? 


*Disclaimer:  Please don't think I'm saying that you HAVE to wear makeup to have confidence.  That's not true.  All the makeup in the world isn't going to help you if you don't have confidence coming from somewhere deep inside, or if you don't like to wear makeup (I'm normally in the latter catagory fyi).  But for those of us who do wear it it can help tremendously!!


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