Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just a Thought About Shadows in Photo Editing

So, since I am now using PSE5 for editing, if there is a shadow on a person's face I HAVE to try to get it off, or clone it or SOMETHING! 

Before beginning to use PSE5 I just thought there was no way to get shadows off so I would (sad to say) LEAVE THEM! =(  That, however, I have begun to realize, really detracts from the image. 

A word of encouragement to anyone who is shying away from learning how to use PSE, or any other editing software than they normally use: TRY IT!  It WILL be a big learning curve (trust me) but the benefit you will get will outweigh the curve.  Maybe you'll even learn something that will make your editing way more effective than before, like learning I can take those pesky shadows out did for me!


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