Friday, December 2, 2011

Just A Girl [Who Loves Photography and is still Learning]

It's me, Sara.  I decided to start this blog as an offshoot of my photography website, mainly because I wanted to begin blogging about my learning experiences as a photographer and it's kind of weird to tell about your learning experiences and mistakes on your photo site (where you're supposed to come across as a professional who has it all figured out).  So, here I am!

Last night I was able to photograph a friend's two children.  Her boy, J, is 6 weeks old and her daughter, A, is 16 months. 

J was very fussy so I was only able to get a few pictures of him.  The best ones were with him on his tummy. I got in close so that the background was out of focus.  The one thing I wish I would have thought of was I should have posed him so that the background was the Christmas tree and lights (what nice bokah that would have been!)  but I didn't think of that until I was driving home =(.  Oh well, that will be something I remember next time.

Earlier in the day I had gone to Lowe's to purchase some lights since my friend said that their lighting wasn't that great. I am so glad that I did.  I purchased two shop lights with clamps and two sets of 150 watt and 60 watt bulbs.  The lights worked beautifully but I did find out that 60 watt is really very bright when shooting kids in small rooms so I should have gone down on the wattage.  Another learning experience for me. 

Photos of A were good.  I was able to use several different props with her and towards the end of the session she began relaxing, laughing and being silly.  I got several of her teeth in this big, goofy grin!! =)

I am excited to begin editing the photos.  Any suggestions on edits for photos with Christmas trees in the background?


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