Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Things Are Looking Up

While my last post, Go Big or Go Home was a little on the discouraging side (did anyone else sense that, or was it just me?) I thought that I would share how just a few days have helped me to feel better about my talent of photography and also the images that I have created in years past. 

Over the weekend, I met with two photographers near me, Jessica and Lindsay.  Jessica helped me out with some areas I'm struggling with technically and I got to talk "shop" with both her and Lindsay.  You don't know how nice that was.  Most of my friends are not photographers so when I try to talk to them about photography they're like, "that's great but...we don't get it" or something like that.

It was also nice to be able to take my time and be able to think about how to get a good shot before I released the shutter.  If I had been photographing a session, I wouldn't have felt that I had the luxury of that time. 

Also, Lindsay said something that stopped me in my tracks.  As I was talking about wanting the VSCO film presets I said that I wanted to wait until I got better before purchasing them and she said quietly, "I think that you're underestimating yourself and your work...".  That small statement got me to thinking about a post I had read by Danielle La Porte, which you can FIND HERE.  It states EXACTLY what I have been doing to myself this past month or so.

These images that I have created in past years are nothing to be ashamed of. They show where I have been and reveal where I am going.  They show a learning process.  Most importantly, they show progress!! 

Since I don't see things in grey but in black and white (or literal/analytical), when I made the decision to revamp my portfolio, my mind immediately wrote off almost all the images that I've created over the past years as "not relavent/not good enough/trash".  And I've been beating myself up about them and wallowing in the fact that they weren't "any good" and "how on earth did I let myself think that was a good picture?"  I had failed to realize that the more you can see your past, realize it's a part of you and then move on towards where you want to be, the more your past becomes a foundation, a springboard, to what you've dreamed of and longed for. 

Spending time with those two fellow photographers helped me to realize what I've mentioned above and also gave me a dose of faith that I do have, within me, the power and ability to get better while not discrediting the work that I've done up to now. 

If you're feeling discouraged, write me.  We can chat.  Maybe you can help me, maybe I can help you....We'll see where it leads....


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