Friday, July 20, 2012

He Was a White Knight {That Changed My Life}

    The title is a bit strange, isn't it?  No, it's not reffering to my "prince charming" (whom I do not have yet, by the way) and no, I'm not going crazy.  It's referring to the bunny I owned for a little over 3 months who changed my ideas about animals and helped me to have a more compassionate, caring heart to animals as well as people.

    I met this special bunny on a warm, April morning when he was with his brothers and sisters at the fair.  His parents were being shown by my best friends parents and he and his siblings were being given away.  Mrs. C, my best friend's mom, asked me if I wanted to hold a bunny.  Of course, I did as I do like little, furry creatures in general, especially if they're babies. 

  When she put this little bunny into my arms, he immediately nestled up to the crook in my neck and just sat, watching all that went on.  Below is our first photo together.

  I had not had a pet in several years and when Mrs. C, and my friend kept urging me that I should take him home, I was dubious at first, then began to be won over.  I called my parents and asked if it would be ok.  Thankfully, they said yes!!

  I carried this little, nameless bunny around with me all day, and as my friend and I were walking into Tractor Supply, I said, "I should name him Lucky."  She said, "Why?!"  I thought a minute and replied, "Because he's lucky to have all of his feet!!"  His name was born.  And later, more names were added.  His full name ended up being: Thumper Lucky Benjamin Button Binky Vogt!!!  What a huge name for so slight a bunny.  Of course, I called him Lucky.

  I brought him home and arranged all the items he needed for comfort, cleanliness and sustenance.  My father, who is not an animal person, somehow grew very fond of this tiny, white ball of energy and talked, laughed and played with him almost every day.

  Lucky was happy.  He got treats, was able to roam freely about the house when I got home and showed his appreciation for this by running around our entire house several times before throwing himself down on the floor and panting.

  My love for this little fellow grew as I watched him and realized that he had such a personality.  And it didn’t matter how I felt when I came home. I could be angry, sad, or elated, no matter, he loved me or comforted me whatever my mood. 

  When he was about four months old, he began exhibiting signs of maturity (like all boy bunnies do).  I knew that I was not going to be able to get a female companion for him and I hated seeing him so frustrated so I decided to have him neutered.

  I scheduled his appointment for Wednesday, July 20, 2011 and because of my work schedule, had to take him to the Vet on the 19th.  During the ride there, I talked to him about how he had to be brave, and that I would come back for him the next day.  I remember that we passed a road that was called "Rabbit Meadow" and I mentioned it to him. 

  When I reached the Vet, I gave him to one of the workers along with the words, "I love you and I'll be back tomorrow!"

   On Wednesday morning, about 11 AM, I got a call from the Vet.  Only, it was not the one that I wanted.  The Vet kindly told me that Lucky had had complications when they were doing his post exam and had passed away. 

  The shock and grief I felt were terrible.  I bawled my eyes out and called my mother to go with me to get him.  I knew that I could not do this alone.  

  When we were on the way back, I told my mother, "I promised him that I would come to get him today, and I have."

  My father and I buried him that night in our backyard with a few of his favorite toys as well as a note from me. 

  How could such a small creature have given me so much?  Have taught me so much? I still ask myself that today, one year since his passing.  I don’t know.  All I know is that the Lord gave him to me at the right time and the Lord took him away from me when his time was complete.  Whatever work the Lord sent him to do in my life, he had finished it. 

 The next day, I knew that I could not face my grief without another bunny to help ease it.  On the 21st, I found out about a rabbitry in Zebulon with baby bunnies.  I proceeded to purchase a beautiful, 2 month old Mini Rex doe and name her Cinnamon.

  Cinnamon has helped heal me.  I talk to her of her brother and when she binkys for joy, I see him in her. 

  I still think of Lucky a lot.  He holds a very special spot in my heart but I know that he had the best life he could have possibly had and that he had all the love in the world from myself, my parents and all his "aunts" (my friends).  He was doted over. 

  I love you, Lucky, you will always and forever be my "little baby boy".


PS.  Please read this poem but be prepared to cry!

PS2.  Please visit Baskets for Bunnies to learn how you can help bunnies without families.

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