Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dissappointment {But I Am Worth It}

  For the past few months I have been working on re-doing my pricing. 
  Yesterday a co-worker came to me about photos and I decided that it was now or never so I gave her my new pricing.
  She initially scheduled a session and this morning I brought a few samples to show her at work and we shot several emails back and forth about various things. (All after she had looked over my pricing).
  20 minutes after the last email (when the session was still scheduled and I am talking about giving her my welcome packet) she sends an email stating that she needs to speak with her husband, that they are low on funds and that she has a close family member who takes "beautiful photos".
  Disappointment.  Strikes me in the gut.  I can feel my heart drop in my chest.
  The knowledge that for this one last time I should have given my lower prices to her (because I really need the money) settles over me.
  But then, I remember all the times before now when this same thing has occurred and my prices were lower and I find the strength to not let remorse or anxiety overtake me.
  The simple truth is that this person is NOT my ideal client.  That's why my prices changed her mind. 
  The beautiful gallery wrap that I showed her nor the leather album I let her feel and look thru impacted her because price, not value was her priority.
  I don't blame her.  I am only recently, after struggling with justifying raising my prices, beginning to see that there is so much value in photography and most times, to get that value, you are going to pay a higher price.  However, I am beginning to wonder if the many people that let price rule out over value in their lives will one day regret it.

  As I closed the email, a quote came to mind, one by Ann Brashares (the author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series).  "There are going to be moments of deep, deep doubts, and you have to have faith that your initial idea was good and just muddle through."

  I am not letting disappointment overthrow me.  I know that who I am and what I do is worth every penny that I charge. 

  My ideal clients are coming.  It's just a matter of time.


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