Friday, February 17, 2012

Since Everyone is Doing It, I Will To (Things I'm Loving This Week)

  I've seen this post on a LOT of blogger's sites and it's interesting.  I am constantly finding cute things that I like too.  So I may or may not do this once a week or every other week, or once a month. We'll see...

  Some things I'm loving this week

  1.  This adorable (light) pink nail polish I *just* (like 5 minutes ago) got from Walgreens, called Tickled Pink.  Can't wait to try it out....

  2- This blue (I LOVE blue) overnight bag from Etsy.

  3- Vogue Magazine because they put Adele on the cover!!!  Can't wait to get a copy and read the article....

  4 - An awesome blog about chickens (yes, chickens) if you're into that kinda thing.

  There they are, four things I'm loving this week.  Share some of yours!!


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